Wollangambe Crater (Navigation Skills)

Event Details
Wollangambe Crater (Navigation Skills)
Fri 27th Sep 2019 (8pm) to Sat 28th Sep 2019 (6pm)
Bell Station
Chifley Road, Bell
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Participant (Scout, Venturer, Rover, Leader) - Free
Open: Sat 4th May 2019 (12am)
Close: Fri 13th Sep 2019 (8pm)
Brief Summary:
Practice overnight hike with a focus on navigation skills and orientation in the landscape. Available to Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. Accompanied by an adventurous activity guide and or instructor. Walks up to 20 km.
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Additional Information

Activity Details

Activity: Wollangambe Crater (Navigation Skills)

Formation: GWS Region

Location: Blue Mountains National Park | Bell Station to Wollangambe Crater via Sandham Road, Bell Perimeter Road, Centre of the Universe (Pagoda) and Wollangambe River

Start time: 8 pm Date Friday, 27 Sept 2019 From Bell Station

Finish time: After 5 pm Date: Saturday, 28 Sept 2019 To Bell Station

Activity Coordinator: Tristan Flores Phone: 0420 634 135

Cost: N/A Payable to: N/A Closing Date: Friday, 13 Sept 2019

Method of transport to and from the activity: Own transport or NSW Trains (Blue Mountains Line)

The activity will not be under direct adult supervsion. 

The activity will involve both male and female youth members.

Both male and female leaders will not be present.

Emergency Contact

If you feel that the participant is overdue in returning from the activity you should contact the nominated emergency contact.

Name: Mrs Helen Flores Home Phone: (02) 4787 5083 Mobile: N/A

Additional Details

Suitable for youth members who are learning to carry a loaded pack.

This route is likely to include fire trail, walking track and some off track. Track grades are medium with some extended steep ascent/decent sections. This involves extended strenuous physical activity and endurance. Suitable for youth and adults who exercise and or play sport regularly.

This camp is self-catered so please bring whatever suits your liking. It is important to bring sufficient food for the duration. Choose hearty and nutritious foods that will provide sufficient energy.

Campsite may be an informal clearing. A freestanding tent or lightweight fly is advised. Ground may be firm and space limited. Views in the morning should be rewarding. 

Prepare for bush toileting and hygiene during the hike.

Participants coming by train are encouraged to travel in small groups and travel in the guard's carriage marked with a blue light. Scout uniform is not required however please wear your scarf.

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