OAS Cycling / Mountain Biking

Event Details
OAS Cycling / Mountain Biking
Sat 22nd Jan 2022 (9.30am to 3pm)
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
370-394 Llandilo Rd, Berkshire Park NSW 2765
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No Fee - Free
Open: Wed 1st Dec 2021 (8pm)
Close: Fri 14th Jan 2022 (12pm)
Maximum 28 people
Brief Summary:
One day activity to enable up to Stage 4 OAS Mountain Biking. Participants will need to complete the Planning page requirements of the Cycling Stage 3 before attending. This day will include part of Stage 4 Mountain Biking with additional elements required before presenting to Unit Council. This activity is suitable for Youth and Leaders to attend
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Event Documents

  Download COVID Safe

Details of COVID Safe requirements of the event.

  Download OAS Stage 3 Cycling

This document show the elements required for OAS Stage 3 Cycling. Planning elements must be completed prior to attending the event

Additional Information

This is a mountain bike course, so you are required to bring a mountain bike with gears serviced to handle fire trails and off-road activities. Tyres will need to be sturdy enough to manage this terrain. Pack your food, snacks and lunch for the day. Prepare for the equivalent of a Day Hike with pack (saddle bag if fitted) and include the following items specific to a Mountain Bike trip: -


Bike light

Water 1L

First aid kit

Tyre repair kit/spare tube.

Tyre levers

Small pump

Mobile phone

 Suppose you intend to attempt the completion of Stage 4 Mountain Biking. In that case, it is recommended that you refer to and meet all the equipment requirements of Stage 4 on the Terrain checklist and discuss this with Unit Council before attending the event.


Saturday morning

1. Bike familiarisation and First Aid refresher.

2. Bike preparation in pairs, chain check.

3. changing tyres in the forest with another scout.

4. Tyre inflation. Form into groups as needed.

5. Herb and Barbaras Trail. Occasional rocky ground – moderate. 2km

6. Cattle Trail to Lake for offroad work. 6km

7. Lunch – bike tyre repair.

8. Down Herb Trail to Perimeter Trail and around to old car park and return 10km.

9. Final trail down East Perimeter trail.

10. Finish and wrap up – Review of requirements.

Covid reference. https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CovidSupportGuide_04.VenturerScouts_V03_20211018.pdf 

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