Region hike Bell to Gooch's Crater & return

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Sat 3rd Jun 2023 (8.30am) to Sun 4th Jun 2023 (3.30pm)
Dargan (near Bell)
Sandham Rd Dargan (near Bell)
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All other participants - $8.00
Leaders with Trained Participant Bushwalking quals - Free
Open: Thu 27th Apr 2023 (12am)
Close: Sun 28th May 2023 (11.59pm)
Maximum 16 people
Brief Summary:
Overnight bushwalk aimed at scouts and above, it is ideal for leaders seeking Trained Participant bushwalking qualifications. Challenging overnight hike aimed at improving bushwalking, navigation and camping skills. Although the hike is only 5km each day, it is mostly off-track which makes it difficult (Grade 5 walk).
Additional Information

This hike is ideally suited to older scouts and up seeking to further develop navigation skills. This hike will be ideal for leaders seeking Trained Participant bushwalking qualifications.

Although the hike is relatively short in distance, it is almost entirely off-track and navigation skills will be used the entire weekend. Everyone will be expected to participate in the navigation and basic map and compass skills will be assumed knowledge. Bring an orienteering compass. You are likely to get scratches, leg protection is advised (gaiters or light weight long pants). Eye protection is also advised. This is not a beginners hike.

Conditions can be very cold in this area at this time of year, it can snow. Average temperatures are 3oC at night and 10oC during the day. Be prepared for cold weather camping. We plan to camp in a cave (overhang), although space is limited and some may need to sleep away from the cave. Tents must be carried, also bring a light groundsheet to sleep on in the cave.

As this hike is off-track, all equipment must be inside the backpack (this includes tents, sleeping mats, billies and everything else). If you are unable to pack to this requirement then this hike is not for you. Any gear outside the pack will be ripped off by the bush. There is a creek crossing and gear should be waterproofed in case of mishap (especially sleeping bag and dry clothes).

An emergency meal must be carried in case of mishap. Emergency call time (when Police will be called if delayed) is 10am Monday morning.

Having read all the off putting stuff, Gooch's Crater and the surrounding area is a fascinating location that few ever get to see and it will be a great adventure getting to the camping cave. There are no large climbs. You will come away with solid navigation skills.

Numbers will be limited due to National Parks requirements and site limitations.

Packing list & menu suggestions provided on request. Leaders seeking qualifications please advise beforehand.

Start/finish location is on Sandham Rd Dargan, 300m from start of Sandham Rd. (Near Bell in upper Blue Mtns).

If you have any questions, please contact Aussie (Glenn Austin) 0417 272 978,


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