20231028-29 Hume Region Joey Mob Holiday

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Sat 28th Oct 2023 (2pm) to Sun 29th Oct 2023 (2pm)
Glenfield Scout Activity Centre
2 Cambridge Ave, Glenfield NSW 2167, Australia
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Joey or Parent/Carer - $60.00
Event Staff - $30.00
Open: Thu 17th Aug 2023 (7am)
Close: Fri 27th Oct 2023 (11.30pm)
Brief Summary:
This is our annual Joey Mob Holiday, which is usually the Joeys first taste of camping. Each Joey is to attend with one parent/carer for fun, interactive and challenging activities at the Glenfield Scout Activity Centre, a wonderful bushland environment. Registration is password protected.
Additional Information

The Hume Region Joey Mob Holiday is an overnight camp running from 2pm till 2pm with fun, interactive and exciting activity bases for the Joeys and Parents (who will be placed into “Patrols”).  Each base is run by a District with the theme of “Camp Survival”. 

The Mob Holiday is often the Joey’s first taste of sleeping in a tent in a fantastic bushland setting.  Cost is $60 per Joey and $60 per parent/carer which includes all activities, meals and camping fees. 

Please read all notes below:

  1. Each Joey must have an adult (one only) parent or carer (18 years+) stay with them for the entire camp.  It is expected that the parent/carer participates in the Joey Scout activities with their Joey - trust us, it's a lot of fun!!
  3. To obtain a free Working With Children Check (WWCC), apply via following link - it does require you to go to Service NSW centre for ID verification:  https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-for-a-working-with-children-check   
  4. The Scout Adult Helper application is via the new Scouthub link:  https://www.scoutsnsw.com.au/info-for-volunteers/adult-helpers and click on the blue "Find your closest Scout Group .... etc." button.  After entering your suburb, a map will come up - scroll down the page till you see your Scout Group then click on the blue REGISTER button, select New Member, select Full Member, select Adult Helper then, fill out the remaining information.
  5. You will be emailed a link for a Police Check - email must be actioned within seven days!!
  6. Finally, you must complete the online Scout's Child Safe Scouting and WHS for Scouting training modules - you will be emailed instructions once registered or visit:  https://login.scouts.com.au/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Ftraining.scouts.com.au%2Fmembers%2Fservice 
  7. **PLEASE ACTION ABOVE NOW as it takes weeks to complete - No Joey to be registered without a Parent/Carer registering too.**
  8. As the camp is in a bushland environment, appropriate clothing and hats must be worn to protect from the sun and enclosed shoes with socks (above the ankle) should also be worn at all times to prevent injury and minimise risk of insect bites.  Please see the attached suggested camping gear list for Parents and Joeys.
  9. After dinner on the Saturday, there will be a traditional Scout campfire (subject to weather and bushfire restrictions), so make sure you bring your camp blanket or something warm to wrap up in - preferably wool or wool blend.  Blankets can be purchased from the Scout Shop or you could try a charity clothing store.
  10. Camping in tents is strongly encouraged.  Preference is for a small tent however, if you only have a large family tent, or do not have a tent - please discuss with your Leader in case one is available for loan from your Scout Group. 
  11. For those with exceptional circumstances who are unable to stay in a tent, you will be provided with dormitory style bunk bed accommodation with other families.
  12. The E-Permission form (emailed to you after registering) is to be submitted for each Joey and adult attending.  Please ensure medical information and emergency contact details (someone NOT attending the camp) are complete and accurate.  Also you must tick the activities for your child to participate on the; Jumping Castle, Billy Carts, Obstacle Course (including slack lines), crate stacking (being harnessed up and climbing upwards) - activity to be confirmed and the water-play including slippery slide - to be confirmed
  13. All Joeys may bring a plain light-coloured pre-washed and ironed tee-shirt or other material item, e.g. pillowcase (minimum size 20x25cm) for screen-printing purposes.

***As with all Scout camps - this is an alcohol and drug free event and smoking may only occur in the designated area due to fire risks.***

We will be following NSW Health Covid safe protocols.  Should you have flu-like symptoms, please stay home and get tested.  Should you be a close contact, it is recommended that you bring and wear a face mask whilst indoors or if unable to socially distance outdoors.

Any queries, please feel free to discuss with your Leader or contact myself at:  helen.brinck@nsw.scouts.com.au   We look forward to seeing you all on camp for our next great adventure!!                                                      Helen (Galah) Brinck, Activity Coordinator

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