Abseil day

Event Details
Sat 9th Sep 2023 (9am to 3pm)
All other participants - $30.00
Trained Participants and Guides - 8am - Free
Open: Wed 16th Aug 2023 (12pm)
Close: Wed 6th Sep 2023 (9am)
Maximum 30 people
Brief Summary:
Abseil day aimed at scouts and older. Aimed at people working towards Stage 4 vertical badgework. No previous abseil experience necessary.
Additional Information

Where: Mt Keira Lookout on Queen Elizabeth Dr.

What to bring: lunch, snacks, drink, suncream (you will be exposed to the sun and wearing a helmet with no sun visor)

What to wear: T shirt, sturdy shorts and joggers. Uniforms are not necessary. Try to avoid loose clothing or dangly bits.

What will I learn: abseiling, safety equipment, and procedures, abseiling knots

What will I complete: abseiling stage 3 and most of stage 4 (depending on how involved you get)

For those coming as a guide or trained participant, the starting time is 8 am. This is so that we can set up the ropes. 

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