Adventurous Activity Guide Indentureship Program

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Sat 20th Jan 2024 (12am) to Sat 23rd Nov 2024 (12am)
South metropolitan Region HQ
1 carrington Avenue Hurstville
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Leaders - Free
Rovers - Free
Open: Sun 17th Sep 2023 (12am)
Close: Mon 1st Apr 2024 (8pm)
Maximum 30 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
The South Met Region Activities Team are offering trainee AA Guide Indentureship's to Older Venturers (sixteen and a half by 1/1/2024) and up)Rovers and Leaders for the year 2024. There are limited places. Successful applicants will commence their training in Jan 2024 and run for approximately one year.
Additional Information

An indentureship is another term for an apprenticeship.
Its an agreement between two parties.
One party works under the agreement, the other party agrees to train and teach the first  party
For one year you will be part of the South Met Region Activities Team and be allocated two personel mentors.
You will help us run a number of activities that you will need to get your training completed.
In return we give you guidance and help so you can achieve a Cert III in outdoor Leadership and your appointment as a NSW scouts adventurous activities Guide.
Its a win win arrangement

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