Cub Leadership Course & Youth Helpers Course

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Sun 24th Nov 2024 (9am to 3pm)
3rd Mortdale Scout Hall
Glen Road Mortdale
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Cub Scout - $20.00
Venturer/Youth Helper - $15.00
Leader/Adult Helper - Free
Open: Sun 13th Oct 2024 (3am)
Close: Sun 10th Nov 2024 (11.59pm)
Maximum 42 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
A one day Cub Leadership Course for older Cub Scouts leading to presentation of the Cub Personal Development Badge. Cubs must be nominated by their Leader and be aged 9 years & 6 months or older. Other conditions and requirements apply. Maximum 42 Cubs. ALL CUBS MUST BE REGISTERED BY A CUB LEADER IN A BATCH of 1 or more LEADERS with up to 4 CUBS. Additional applications from the same Home Unit is allowed in an additional batch Leader+Cubs with same rules. NO CUB TO INDEPENDENTLY REGISTER - contact the Course Coordinator if needed. A Youth Helpers Course will be run concurrently from 9.30am to 3.30pm. This will allow the Cubs and Venturers to interact throughout the day. Venturers and other Youth Helpers please read the Letter to Youth Helpers. VENTURERS/YOUTH HELPERS can register individually - check requirements first. Maximum 12 participants.
Additional Information

To Cubs

Your Cub Scout Leader recognises your potential for Leadership and has nominated you for this course. During the course you will learn confidence, strengthen your own abilities and by the end of the day be able to take on more responsibilities. Before you come to the course you will need to complete a task about Getting to Know Your Patrol, and to bring the completed task with you.

All participants will be working in groups and doing the following activities -
- Active outdoor games
- Active indoor games
- Quiet thinking activities
- There will be some writing involved, but not much.

The rule of the course is the Scout Law and you will be encouraged to do a good turn sometime during the day. The course rules are to listen, communicate, be thoughtful, participate and most importantly to have fun.

We are running a course with COVID-19 alertness, so we will not be providing Lunch, so everyone to bring their own Snacks, Lunch and Water Bottle.  We may provide some additional snacks or treats throughout the day.

If you are successful in completing the course you will be presented with a Certificate of Attendance. When you complete a follow-up Review task in your Unit, you will receive the Cub Personal Development Badge, which can be worn on the left shoulder of your uniform. The undertaking of a Leadership Course meets the badge requirement together with a Review, completed after the day and shared with your home Unit and Leaders.

Be aware that Cubs who do not make the effort to take part in the day will not automatically get the certificate and/or badge.

This is a long day and might not suit everyone.

Although it is fun, this is a day for things to be learned and achieved, you need to want to take part. Cubs should discuss this with their Parents and Leaders before application. If you are still not sure - contact the Course Leader.

Please ensure details of any condition, disability, special diet, behavioural issues or other needs about which the Course Leader should be aware of – include details which may help us throughout the day.

    * Note – there is very little writing on this course, poor writers will not be disadvantaged

    * Medications – are the responsibility of your Unit Cub Leader attending on the day


To Leaders

The following is the criteria for nominating a Cub Scout to attend a Leadership Course. 

As you can appreciate this is a not a course that all cubs will attempt, so please only put forward those that you feel have some leadership potential, will cope with the long day and be able to meet the requirements.

  • Cub Leaders to have an idea of the requirements and aims of the [previous]  “Leadership Course” as set out in the Cub Scout Handbook and Cub Scout Leaders Resource folder [Old Program resources].
  • Only suitable Cub Scouts should be recommended to attend the course.
  • Minimum age of Cubs is to be 9 years & 6 months at the date of the course.
  • Cub should have attended a Unit Holiday or Camp under canvas at Group, District or Region level.
  • Cub should be confident enough to participate in all of the requirements set out in the course.
  • A Leader from each Cub Unit is required to assist during the day.
    • Maximum of 4 Cubs per Unit, any more to go onto a waiting list.
      The Cub Scout Leader is to Register themself [a Leader] and up to four (4) Cubs.  You can nominate payment by Credit Card by each participate before sending the Registrations.  This way you can monitor the progress of each applicant.  You can make an additional registration for additional Leaders or Cubs a second time if needed.  This way you do not need to send the EMS Link/Password out to individual families.
    • Total youth numbers are limited to 42 and will be allocated based on age and urgency e.g. working on Grey Wolf Award.
  • Closing date will be adhered to.

We will run the program similar to previous ones held at 3rd Mortdale Scout Hall.

Leaders/Adult Helpers must complete EMS registration but are not charged any fee.

Leaders are allocated tasks all day to help facilitate the program delivery.

The Cub Leadership Course is not a Patrol/Assistant Patrol Leader Training Course, it is based on the previous National Award Scheme for the Cub Scout Section and it aims to expose Cubs to basic leadership skills and ideas. It will complement, not replace the training of your Patrol or Assistant Patrol Leaders in the Unit.

NOTE:  This Cub Scout Leadership Course will qualify for the new Cub Personal Development Badge [page 80-81 Record Book Cub Scout Section].  This is a day practical course focusing on ‘learn-by-doing’.


To Venturers/Youth Helpers

I would like to invite you to the combined Cub Scout Leadership Course & Youth Helper Course to be held at 3rd Mortdale Scout Hall.  Your course will commence at 9.30am sharp.

The following is the criteria for participating in the Youth Helper Course. 

•             Any Venturer who is or about to start helping in a Joey or Cub or Scout Unit.

•             Any Venturer helping in a younger section should attend a Youth Helper Course as part of their training for service.

•             Complete the EMS E-Permission and Payment before the Closing Date ($15.00).

•             Minimum age – 14y6m years old at date of course.

•             Total youth numbers are limited to 12 maximum

•             Closing date will be adhered to.

•             We will run the program similar to previous ones held at Mortdale Hall, but everyone to bring their own Lunch, Snacks and Drinks [+ Water Bottle] this time.

•             There is no specific badge for this particular course, but a Certificate will be issued [this is not the Venturer Leadership Course].

•             Wear Full Scout Uniform – wear enclosed shoes. Bring a Sun Hat, Rain Coat, Notebook and Pen.

This course is run at the same time as the Cub Leadership Course, so there will be some interaction between the Cubs and the Venturers as part of the course.

 If you require more detailed information and/or wish to discuss participation options [e.g. older Scout or from Girl Guides etc] please email Sam Shelley, RC Cubs - South Metropolitan Region on


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