MTB Cycle weekend – A capital idea – Canberra

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Sat 6th Apr 2024 (6am) to Sun 7th Apr 2024 (5pm)
Stromlo Forest Park
Stromlo Forest Park
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Price to be advised - Free
Open: Wed 10th Jan 2024 (12am)
Close: Thu 28th Mar 2024 (2pm)
Maximum 10 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
Canberra has some of the best MTB parks and so many of them! Come for a wonderful weekend of sweet, sweet riding
Additional Information

Canberra has so many places to ride 5-star level mountain bike tracks that it won’t be possible to do all of them in one weekend. We will do the classic – Stromlo Forest Park – and a new trail that many Canberra regulars may not know about – Cotter Pines.

You can find out more about Stromlo Forest Park here:

You can find out more about Cotter Pines here:


This weekend is for the more experienced riders. The trails are at blue level – so not for beginners/novices. You will also have the fitness to be able to ride for 2 hours at a time and a consistent pace, with few stops.

You will need to organise your own transport to and from Canberra. I am camping on Saturday night, and you are welcome to camp with us, however this is not a ‘camping’ weekend - I will not be providing adult supervision after 7.30pm. You are expected to look after your own accommodations and food.

I am trying to organise Camp Cottermouth as the camping site (more details to come). Failing that, we will be camping at Cotter Campground (around the corner). Both have camping fees, so be prepared.


There will be a ‘theory’ session on Teams to discuss the weekend organisation. However, the expected agenda for the weekend is as follows:


Saturday 6th April

10am – Meet in carpark of Stromlo Forest Park

10.30am – Start riding

12 – Lunch

1pm – Shuttles anyone?

3pm - Go to campground and set up, play by/in the river etc

7.30pm – Julie clock’s off and goes to sleep


Sunday 7th April

7-9pm – wake up and have breakfast and pack up

10am – meet at carpark for Cotter Pines

10.30am – Ride

12pm – Lunch

12.30pm – Go home – we may ride another location on the way back. This could be Majura Pines, or Welby in Mittagong. It depends on our legs 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me

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