Child Safeguarding Workshop

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Mon 8th Apr 2024 (6.30pm to 9.30pm)
Online Event
Adult helper / PSG member - Free
Leader - Free
Open: Thu 1st Feb 2024 (1.06pm)
Close: Wed 3rd Apr 2024 (11.59pm)
Belinda (Bel) Howell
Brief Summary:
The Child Safeguarding Workshop is being delivered as mandatory education for Leaders in NSW and will help with our Leaders’ understanding of our responsibilities to avoid, look out for and report unsafe situations in Scouting.
Additional Information

What is the Child Safeguarding Workshop?

The workshop will discuss the Scout Leaders safeguarding roles and responsibilities including the various Safeguarding reporting obligations.


Safeguarding Children Services training programs provide an opportunity to safely discuss sensitive topics and questions, and to support individuals to gain both knowledge and confidence in their responsibilities to keep children safe from abuse and neglect.


To meet the needs of a wide range of learners, all training is underpinned by sound learning principles that recognise a range of learning styles and methodologies, and the importance of using the experience of participants in the training to support the translation of learning into practice.


Who can come?

The child Safeguarding Workshop is mandatory for Leaders in NSW. This dedicated online session is open to all Leaders from North Coast Region.


Feeling safe whilst attending online training

Everyone in Scouts has the right to feel safe and be protected from abuse. No-one is allowed to threaten you, hurt you, or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or afraid. A Scout is respectful, and this applies to all interactions between all participants at any Scout activity. You do not have to deal with abuse on your own. If you feel unsafe, threatened, or you see/hear something that causes you concern, please speak to someone you trust in Scouts; your concerns will be taken seriously. The information you provide will be shared with people who can support and protect you.

If, for any reason, you do not feel your concerns are satisfactorily dealt with, please report your concerns directly to the Child Protection Team at the NSW State Office on 02 9735 9000 or via or to your Region Commissioner.

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