Practice 2 day bushwalk + 1 day extension

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Sat 13th Apr 2024 (8.30am) to Mon 15th Apr 2024 (3pm)
Woodford Station
Railway Pde, Woodford
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2 day bushwalk (Scout, Venturer, Rover, Leader) - Free
3 day bushwalk (Scout, Venturer, Rover, Leader) - Free
Open: Sun 4th Feb 2024 (12am)
Close: Sat 6th Apr 2024 (12am)
Maximum 18 people
Brief Summary:
Practice 2 day bushwalk. Grade 3 + some 4. Entry level/medium difficulty. Gradual descent, ascent, some steep hills. Available to Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. Please email to place an expression of interest for this activity by 29 March 2024. A registration password is required.
Additional Information

Due to private land issues involving Ingar Road at Wentworth Falls we using Woodford access.

Day 1 Saturday (drop off 8:30 am) Woodford station to Ingar campground via Murphys Road and Bedford Creek Trail 10 km
Day 2 Sunday Ingar campground to Murphys Glen campground 6 km (Lunch) continue to Woodford Station 4 km (drop off approx 4 pm on Sunday).

Limited spaces camping available at Murphys Glen on Sunday night. Please note we are sharing the campground and courtesy with reduced noise is expected.

Day 3 Monday Murphys Glen campground to Woodford Station depart approx 10 am and arrive Woodford Station approx 2 pm on Monday.

We will assess is safe to swim on the day. If you would like to swim please bring swimmers/boardshorts.

Ingar is located to the south of Hazelbrook. Ingar picnic area was developed in 1960-1961 by Blue Mountains National Park Trustees around a fire fighting dam constructed by the Bushfire Mangament Council of NSW. Facilities: Picnic tables, toilets, dam 

Please note this is a remote campground, no public road access. Water can be refilled from the dam, however treatment should be applied

"Soothe those frazzled city nerves with a getaway to Ingar campground on Kings Tableland, near Wentworth Falls. The 9.5km Ingar trail leads to this picturesque campsite nestled amongst the scribbly gums.

This is a popular stop for walkers and mountain biker riders following the Wentworth Falls to Woodford trail, and is easily combined with Andersons trail. The nearby dam on Ingar Creek is perfect for swimming, paddling and liloing. If you’re lucky, there might be an eastern water dragon sunning itself on the creek bank.

After a barbecue dinner, get out the torch and look for the local nightlife. You might see sugar gliders, possums and bandicoots. Then it’s time to toast marshmallows over your campfire before settling, exhausted but happy, into your tent." NPWS


All participants require a Scouts NSW membership number (Adult members also require current WHS and child safe e learning modules)

Previous experience with camping and day bushwalking.

Participants require suitable fitness and health for extended walking under load and full day endurance.

Aimed at Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. Accompanied OR Indirectly supervised by a Scouts NSW adventurous activity guide/s with wilderness first aid. 

Youth patrol/s often work remotely from adult supervision therefore this activity is not under direct supervision.

It is beneficial for youth embarking on their first overnight bushwalk to have an adult leader from their scout group in attendance (to provide support with welfare). We recommend (where possible) youth attend with another youth (buddy) from their scout group.

Please email to place an expression of interest for this activity by 29 March 2024. A registration password is required.

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