Megalong 2 day practice bushwalk

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Sat 6th Jul 2024 (9am) to Sun 7th Jul 2024 (5pm)
Dunphys campground
End of Megalong Road, past the Galong Creek ford
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Participant (2 day) - Free
Open: Mon 29th Apr 2024 (12am)
Close: Wed 3rd Jul 2024 (8pm)
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NSW public school holidays. Due to demand applications open to GWS members. Out of region can check if spaces two weeks prior.
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Updated 15/6/24

Megalong 2 day practice bushwalk
Saturday 6th July to Sunday 7th July

Day 1 Dunphys campground to Coxs River via Tinpot Hill approx 9 km
Day 2 Coxs River to Dunphys campground via Carlon Creek and Breakfast Creek approx 9 km

Grade: medium, gradual climbs and low level river crossing. Suitable for entry level with some previous experience camping, day bushwalks, carrying your pack and walking under load. Bush toileting and hygiene applies.

Start Dunphys campground Saturday morning approx. 9 am, Finish Dunphys campground Sunday approx 5 pm Blackheath to Dunphys campground 37 min (23.1 km) via Megalong Rd. 2WD. The final 5km section of road is unsealed and is narrow and steep at times. It can become be boggy after rain. 

Winter conditions

  • Please note these are winter trips, conditions can be challenging especially with short days. 
  • Wind chill, minus temps and frost are normal for July. A winter sleeping bag, thermal layers, beanie and a space blanket are essential. Proceedings can quickly turn into emergency situations if a persons core body temp is compromised resulting in hypothermia. 
  • All participants require a dry set of clothes (underwear, shirt and shorts) sealed off in their pack to change into. Ideally in a dry bag. It can be life threatening to sleep in damp or wet clothing.
  • Own transport vehicle (to and from ) however taxis do run into the valley from Blackheath. Also option of carpool from the level crossing at Blackheath.
  • Depending on pace we may loose daylight on the last section.
  • Should be confident to walk in low light or night.
  • The camp flat is on the other side of the Cox's River so we have a shallow crossing just before camp.
  • Water needs to be treated for safety.
  • Bush toileting for the most part, no toilets after Dunphys campground.

Additional Information

  • All participants require a Scouts NSW membership number (Adult members also require current WHS and child safe e learning modules)
  • Participants require suitable fitness and health for extended steep climbs with many stairs and full day endurance.
  • Aimed at Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. Accompanied OR Indirectly supervised by a Scouts NSW adventurous activity guide/s with wilderness first aid. 
  • Youth patrol/s often work remotely from adult supervision therefore this activity is not under direct supervision.

Please email briefly introducing your interest in participating by 28 June.

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