Practice 2 day bushwalk

Event Details
Sat 28th Sep 2024 (9am) to Sun 29th Sep 2024 (5pm)
Faulconbridge Station
Commuter Carpark, Railway Avenue
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Participant (Scout, Venturer, Rover, Leader) - Free
Open: Thu 1st Aug 2024 (12am)
Close: Fri 13th Sep 2024 (12am)
Maximum 16 people
Brief Summary:
NSW public school holidays. 10 year anniversary. The first bushwalk was held in September 2013. We look forward to Celebrating 10 years of GWSR bushwalking on the original route from Falconbridge to Glenbrook.
Additional Information

Tentative date

2 day bushwalk with possible 1 day extension

28 & 29 Sept + and possibly 30 Sept

Pick up available at the end of the 2 days

Falconbridge Station to Glenbrook Station via Perch Ponds, St Helena, Duck Hole, Glenbrook Greek

Medium and hard grades

Track is rough in places, with some short steep climbs and overgrown sections along the creek

In general Navigation is easier as we use Glenbrook Creek as a handrail

Creek crossing required

We can add more details after the July weekend