Abseiling Qualifications

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Fri 17th May 2024 (6pm) to Sun 19th May 2024 (2pm)
Coffs Harbour Scout Hall
209 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Nsw
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Abseiling Leaders - $50.00
Abseiling Venturers - $50.00
Open: Wed 27th Mar 2024 (1am)
Close: Sun 12th May 2024 (11.59pm)
Brief Summary:
Far North Coast Region – Abseiling Weekend Continuing the training for Leaders to achieve their Abseiling Qualifications. Leaders who wish to gain Safe Participant, Trained Participant and/or Guide qualifications in Vertical/Abseiling are invited. Venturers who wish to progress their OAS in Vertical are also invited.
Additional Information

North Coast Region – Abseiling Skills Qualification Weekend

Another weekend for leaders within our region to gain abseiling qualification. We are aiming for Safe Participant, Trained Participant and Guide.

As a Trained Participant you can  run activities such as Crate Stacking, Sock fighting the Climbing wall at Glenreagh, and assist Guides in running abseiling activities.

As a Guide you can run abseiling activities as well as the above.

As a Safe Participant you can assist Trained Participants run their activities.

Click "What Activities Can I Run" to see what actifities you can lead with your qualifications. 

As a note –

Leaders who wish to gain qualifications need to appropriate download the workbook (see below) to understand what they need to learn and demonstrate.

You need your Trained Participant CORE (see below) to achieve any Adventurous Acitivity qualification.

If you are looking at getting Guide qualifications please contact Wes directly so he can map out a pathway for you to follow as it is a little complicated.

You need to bring:

Your personal gear including camping (sleeping in or beside the hall), clothing, pens and paper.

Self catered, plenty of options near the hall.

Day pack with basic first aid kit, water and your personal supplies and equipment

We will provide:

All activity gear.


You must bring your paperwork including up to date log book. Here's a blank template for you LOG BOOK TEMPLATE

To make the most of this weekend YOU need to do the pre-activity work. We will be spending more time on doing, less on paperwork.

Pre-Activity Work Summary

  1. Abseiling Safe Participant Level – Pre-Skills Weekend what to complete
    1. Go Through Safe Participant Power Point Presentation – Presentation is in Dropbox
    2. Review and look to learn knots – see knots document in Dropbox
    3. Fill in what you can of the Safe Participant Workbook (Theory knowledge) – Workbook in Dropbox.
    4. Note – abseiling practical completed on the weekend.
  2. Abseiling Trained Participant, Assistant Guide and Guide requirements
    1. Attached are the two workbooks outlining the theory and knowledge requirements for these levels. Workbooks are in Dropbox.
    2. Competency is required in rigging and rescue skills to a high level in order to achieve these qualifications.
    3. Logbook of abseiling is required.
    4. Practical demonstration on weekend of rigging and rescue skills as per the workbooks.
  3. Trained Participant Cycling Off Road Easy Conditions (or On Road Light Traffic)
    1. Logbook of cycling (off track and/or on road). A logbook template is in Dropbox.
    2. Review the relevant Trained Participant Workbook – Workbooks are in Dropbox.
    3. Think about what you would have in a Cycle Repair Kit
    4. We will cover and performing bike maintenance and repairs.
    5. Need a Cycling Activity Plan - should include a navigation plan and mapping plan (using a range of different maps). Activity Plan Template is in Dropbox.
    6. Complete a cycling Risk Assessment - Sample Risk Assessment is in Dropbox.


  1. Trained Participant Core
    1. Complete the TP Core workbook. (If you need assistance of guidance with this completing this please let me know). Workbook is located in Dropbox.
    2. You will need to complete the following online e-Learning modules on Scout Central:
      1. WHS for Scouting SP WHS
      2. Work Skills for Recreation AA WORK REC
      3. Assisting in Conduction Outdoor Recreation Sessions  AA ASSIST
      4. Follow Environmental Impact Practices  AA ENVIRO
      5. Camping Skills   SA SITE
    3. You will need to have completed SCOUTING ADVENTURE.
    4. You will also need a current first aid certificate.
    5. You will need a camping logbook. A logbook template is in Dropbox.
    6. Note - you can use the risk assessment for your bushwalking activity when completing this workbook.

All Documents are available at - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/3c0dp9cbyedzlxg76vigd/h?rlkey=0rwuruz3ej2ii6m66e5g8tls1&dl=0

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Course detail and Pre course workbooks

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