Amateur Radio Foundation License Course

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Sat 11th May 2024 (8am) to Sun 12th May 2024 (4pm)
Hume Region Scout Fellowship
135 Georges River Rd Kentlyn 2560
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Hume region scout fellowship - $55.00
Open: Fri 15th Mar 2024 (1pm)
Close: Wed 1st May 2024 (12am)
Maximum 20 people
Hume Region Scout Fellowship
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This course is being run by the Hume Region Scout Fellowship
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Amateur Radio Foundation License
11th & 12th May at Hume Region Fellowship Hall at Kentlyn
We are running an Antenna Build event, Fox Hunt(chasing hidden transmitters) using one of the antennas you build, Safety both physical and electrical, station setup, usage and actual communication using Amateur Radio all whilst learning what you need to be able to achieve the practical assessments for the license. 
AGE is only limited to the ability to understand safety concepts, understand electrical safety as well as personal safety and the ability to communicate via the radio in an appropriate way. This weekend in open to all who are interested in gaining an Amateur Radio License from the young to the mature among us. Also if you hold a license and would like to look at an upgrade to Standard or Advanced, reach out and we can assist with pre-learning and then the assessment on the weekend. You would be most welcome to come along, assist and even build antenna’s if you wish. 
We will have everything from HF Amateur Radio through VHF and UHF there for you to play with and experience along with nearly all the digital modes that make up Amateur Radio for you to communication around the world on a smaller budget. 
For the youth members wishing to get their license we are happy to run a Teams Meeting earlier that week as a Planning Session where you can plan your activities, then we will do it on the weekend and review the outcomes after your exam on the Sunday. Make it an SIA Activity and we can document it as well as sign off at the end of the weekend. 
You WILL know on the Sunday afternoon if you have passed your exam and your callsign should be issued within a week or so going on how the ACMA are processing the outcomes. 
At the end of the weekend if you learned and put in the effort you will come away with a 146Mhz 3 Element Tape Measure antenna that can be used for Fox Hunting, you will come away with a Rollup  Flexible Arnold 146/450Mhz VHF/UHF antenna that can be packed in your backpack hiking as an alternative form of communication and finally a small little solder kit which you get to make and keep as well as if you pass the exam at the end the knowledge that you will hold an amateur radio license as soon as ACMA Process it. 
The cost is for the things you will build while learning and you get to keep them to use as part of your Amateur Radio Experience in Scouting and beyond. 
If you would like to know more, please contact Hume Region Scout Fellowship hrsf AT Radio Foundation License


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