Cycle - Fix and maintain a bicycle

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Wed 27th Nov 2024 (7pm to 9pm)
2nd Padstow Scout Hall
107 Arab Road
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South Metropolitan Adventurous Activities bicycle - $10.00
Open: Thu 1st Aug 2024 (2.36pm)
Close: Tue 26th Nov 2024 (1am)
Maximum 5 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
I will be running a session on the common bike adjustments and maintenance that you need to know. Want to get that OAS Cycle 5 badge and never had the chance to break a chain? Come to this session to get the tick.
Additional Information

In this session I will be running over the common bike fixes you might need to know. This includes:

  • Adjusting breaks
  • Adjusting gears
  • Fixing a flat tyre
  • Breaking a chain and re-attaching it

To be honest, I have rarely needed to fix a chain on the trail. In 30 years of riding, it has happened to me twice while I was out riding. However, I have replaced several chains while fixing up bikes at home. This skill is required to get the  OAS cycle 5 badge, so breaking chains is what we will do.

Please bring your helmet, even if you don’t bring a bike.

Please bring your own bike if you can. Especially if it needs fixing up. If you can’t bring a bike, I have several bikes from the South Metropolitan bike library that need fixing which we can practice on.

This event is for Scouts aged 12 years and older. If you (or your Scout) has attention issues, parental attendance is required also.

Please try to turn up to the session - don't book and cancel. The spot you booked is unlikely to be filled at short notice and there are limited spots. There are other sessions later in the year if you can't make this one.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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