Bluey's Big Adventure, 2024 Joey Fun Day

Event Details
Sun 16th Jun 2024 (9.30am to 4pm)
Don's Farm in Avondale
536 Avondale Road, Dapto NSW 2530
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Joey - $20.00
Sibling (Cubs) - $15.00
Parent - $5.00
Youth Helper (Vennies + Rovers) - $5.00
Leader - Free
SC&T Enviro Team - Free
Open: Mon 6th May 2024 (12pm)
Close: Sat 1st Jun 2024 (9am)
Nathaniel Officer
Brief Summary:
Join Bluey and Bingo at the 2024 Joey Fun Day! Held at Don’s Farm in Avondale on the 16th of June. Run by Dapto ‘Westlake’ Venturers and supported by the South Coast and Tablelands Environment team. Please see the relevant info packs and the additional information section for more information.
Additional Information

Activity Overview

The Joey Fun Day starts at 9:30 with the opening ceremony beginning at 10. Our day will run to approximately 4 pm. Our fun day is being held at Don’s Farm in Avondale. 

Participants will participate in activities themed around the TV show ‘Bluey’. 

This event is run by Dapto ‘Westlake’ Venturer unit, supported by the South Coast and Tablelands Environment team. 


Who can come

The Fun Day is open to all Joeys in the South Coast and Tablelands region. The event is open to siblings of these joeys and their parents. 

Venturers and Rovers are invited to come and assist in the running of the event


Feeling Safe at our event

Everyone in Scouts, youth and adults alike has the right to feel safe and be protected from abuse. No one is allowed to threaten you, hurt you, or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or afraid.

A Scout is respectful, and this applies to all interactions between all participants, youth and adults at the 2024 Joey Fun Day.

You do not have to deal with abuse on your own. If you feel unsafe, or threatened, or you see/hear something that causes you concern, please speak to a Leader or Rover on an activity or the activity coordination team. Your concerns will be taken seriously. The information you provide will be shared with people who can support and protect you.

If you don’t know what to do – speak to someone at the check-in desk.

If, for any reason, you do not feel the concerns of this nature that you raised at our event have been satisfactorily dealt with, please report your concerns directly to the Child Protection Team at the NSW State Office on 02 9735 9000 or via


Payment & Refund Policy

All applications, payments and e-permissions must be received by the Joey Fun Day admin team before the closing date. Any application not finalised before the closing date will be cancelled. 

All requests for refunds must be received before the 6th of June.


General Health Policy

If you are unwell or are showing symptoms of a viral disease, we ask that you stay home and look after yourselves. Our refund policy allows any person who stays home and provides medical evidence will receive a refund for this event.


Questions and concerns

Please see your Joey leader for any concerns or questions. If they are unable to answer your question your query will be forwarded to the admin team.