Scouts Terrain Training Support

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Tue 18th Jun 2024 (7.30pm to 9.30pm)
Bundilla Scout Camp
6 Baden Powell Place, Winston Hills NSW 2153
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Attendee - Free
Open: Wed 22nd May 2024 (12am)
Close: Mon 17th Jun 2024 (11.59pm)
Brief Summary:
Scouts Terrain training support for new users
Additional Information

This Scouts Terrain Training Support Session is designed for Leaders who are new to using Scouts Terrain, or Leaders who need a refresher of using the features in Scouts Terrain.

The first part of the training sessions will cover:

  • an overview of Scouts Terrain
  • how to get started with setting up Units in your Scout Group
  • creating Patrols
  • recording of Achievements to help Baseline Youth members

The second part of the session will focus on practical activities to use the Programming features.

Before the training session please check with your Group Leader or Leader in Charge whether they have already set up your Scout Group in Scouts Terrain and that you have access.

Scouts Terrain - Access 
Logging in for the first time -  check out the "How to Get Started in Scouts Terrain" Guide located here -
  1. If you log in and it tells you that your "Temporary Password has expired, speak to an Administrator," - This can be any Leader in your Group who already has access. 
  2. They will need to log in, go to the Members Tab, search your name, and to the left of your name, you will see "Reset Password" - Clicking this will give a temporary password that should be copied and sent straight to you. 
  3. If you log in and can't see much (and you are NOT a Rover), in the same tab, scroll over and select "Baseline Achievements—Not Required" (as you are a Leader, you don't have to Baseline anything). Rovers, if you have previous badges you want to record in Terrain, you will need to be "Baselined."
Finally, if you do not yet have access to Scouts Terrain, we have the use of a training sandbox to help you practice entering programming ideas.

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