Photography Course SIA

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Photography Course SIA
Wed 18th Aug 2021 (6pm) to Wed 27th Oct 2021 (6pm)
Online Event
Cub - Free
Joey - Free
Leader - Free
Rover - Free
Scout - Free
Venturer - Free
Open: Wed 4th Aug 2021 (5pm)
Close: Sun 15th Aug 2021 (5pm)
Maximum 100 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
An online Photography course that can be used for an SIA
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Additional Information

The full course will run for over a ten week period with the main "focus" (forgive the pun) on composition.

The Weekly course will be on a Wed night, however we may be flexible pending numbers and demand.

Any camera (phone camera) will do for the first five weeks. After that a regular camera will be of benefit.

It will be sequenced so younger sections will not need to participate for all ten weeks.

The course will be run by proffessional and retired Photographers.

Course framework will be as follows.

One weekly night course of 30 minutes followed by participants having the week to complete their photographic assignments and submitt them to Google Classrooms for review and feedback. All participants will need a gmail account to submitt their work.

Please register for this event using a gmail account!

Week 1 (Leading lines and Reflections)  Joeys and Up

Week 2 (Patterns and Repetition)  Joeys and Up

Week 3 (The rule of Thirds)  Cubs and Up

Week 4 (A little bit of something bigger) Cubs and Up

Week 5 Neutral Space) Scouts and Up

Week 6 (Juxtoposition) Scouts and Up

Week 7 (Depth of Field and Time Exposure) Venturers and Up

Week 8 (Shape and Image Appreciation) Venturers and Up

Week 9 (Nature) Rovers 

Week 10 (Off Camera Light Sources) Rovers

The section indications are just that, an indication.

If you’re interested in using this course for an SIA project, check out the steps below:


PLAN> Set your goal for your SIA project and submit it for approval with your Unit Council. You can find some great planning tools at

DO> You should have enough hours to meet the time requirements of your SIA project by completing up to the Section appropriate week of the course.

REVIEW> Once you have completed your SIA project, head back to your Unit Council to review your awesome photos and have your SIA project signed off.


Registrations Closed