Women's Business - Abseiling Safe Participant (second of three practical days)

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Women's Business - Abseiling Safe Participant (second of three practical days)
Sun 6th Mar 2022 (8.30am to 3.30pm)
Noorumba Girl Guide Camp
Thorpe Rd Fire Trail, Woronora NSW
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trainee participants - including gear hire - $25.00
trainee participants with own full kit - $10.00
training team/staff - Free
Open: Sun 23rd Jan 2022 (2pm)
Close: Wed 2nd Mar 2022 (10pm)
Maximum 20 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
Eligible applications: female adult members (18 yrs and over) of Scouts and Girl Guides. This event is one of three practical dates, as well as several online meetings to supplement the required online modules. Registration is required for each practical session, while anyone registered for any practical sessions can attend the on-line forums.
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Additional Information

Participants will be supported to self-direct their learning journey. As with all adventurous qualifications, workbooks,
records and logs are required for evidence. This portfollo is prepared by the participant and they will seek assessment and verification when they feel they are ready regarding each sklll.
The key topics and activities in this session will include:


Equipment -checking, construction, manufacturers information, logging, care

Ascending techniques

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