Kayaking day for Cub Scouts - Davidson Park, Killarney Heights

Event Details
Kayaking day for Cub Scouts - Davidson Park, Killarney Heights
Sat 19th Mar 2022 (9.30am to 4pm)
Cub - $30.00
Line Leader without own kayak - $30.00
Scout - $30.00
Line Leader with own kayak - $10.00
Activity Leader With Own Kayak - Free
Open: Fri 11th Feb 2022 (12am)
Close: Mon 7th Mar 2022 (12am)
Maximum 10 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
Fun paddling day! We will paddle on the Upper Middle Harbour, have lunch along the way, learn by doing and have fun. Cubs will be in double kayaks.
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Additional Information

We will use Scouts' double kayaks and paddles. Each member will be wearing a PFD (personal flotation device).
At least 1 leader will carry a phone in a dry bag accessible from the water. Mobile reception is expected in the area.
There will be a safety chat and dry demo before going on the water.
The activity will start and finish at the southern end of Davidson Park, Killarney Heights, at the canoe launch area near the boat ramp. Please note if you are parking within Davidson Park, parking fees are payable to National Parks via ticket machine.

Participants must wear clothes appropriate to the temperature and be ready to get wet, including enclosed footwear. Hat and sunscreen.
We may jump off the kayaks to swim if conditions are good.
Extra clothes should be ready at the landing point when we return.
Participants should bring a at least 1L of water, more if hot forecast, some nibbles (cereal bars, fruits or other) and something for lunch.
Check of personal clothing will be carried out before and if not adequate the child may be refused to participate.


Line Leaders are welcome but youth can register independently.

If you have your own kayak you may bring it - please let us know when registering; the kayak will need to be fit for purpose and in good working condition; unsuitable vessels will not be permitted.

All over 12 years old must be vaccinated against Covid. 
Due to Covid restrictions food cannot be shared and each Scout has to have a hand sanitizer. Numbers will be limited according to the National guidelines, so first in first served.
Members advised to not attend if they have even mild symptoms i.e. fever, dry cough, tiredness
(refer to NSW Health for more detailed and up to date information)
Members who are in vulnerable category should not attend i.e. infants, or people with
compromised immune systems due to illness or medical treatment (source: NSW Health).
We will be adhering to the requirements as set out for outdoor activities as prescribed by Scouts NSW on this site Scouting Guide to Coronavirus.

Registrations Closed