Day Canoe Paddle Yarramundi Bridge to Macquarie Park, Windsor

Event Details
Day Canoe Paddle Yarramundi Bridge to Macquarie Park, Windsor
Sat 28th May 2022 (10am to 3pm)
participant - equipment required - $25.00
Participant - equipment not required - $10.00
a previously cancelled event - equipment not req'd - Free
a previously cancelled event - equipment req'd - Free
water activity team - equipment not required - Free
Water activity team - equipment required - Free
Open: Fri 25th Feb 2022 (8pm)
Close: Sat 14th May 2022 (11.59pm)
Maximum 26 people
Brief Summary:
A one-way day canoe trip from Yarramundi Bridge to Macquarie Park Windsor. If you are booking to replace a previously cancelled event please say which event was cancelled.
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Additional Information

Tidal Information: 

FORT DENNISON - 28 May 2022 (SATURDAY) (Windsor approximately + 5hrs30min) 
0056 0.59 L 
0645 1.45 H WINDSOR 12:15 PM
1239 0.55 L WINDSOR 18:09 PM
1909 1.76 H

Supervised day canoe hike suitable for scout age and up. 

Participants should be able to swim 50m and have had some canoe experience. 

Participants must wear a life-jacket or PFD

This activity is suitable for those seeking further canoe experience

As with all canoe activities, there is risk of capsizing and getting wet

Participants must bring:

- water shoes / wet shoes
- own food / water
- sunscreen / hat
- change of clothes 

Please contact the activity provider if you are unsure and would like further advice. 

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