Southern NSW - Whitewater Skills Development Workshop (Canoe and Kayak)

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Southern NSW - Whitewater Skills Development Workshop (Canoe and Kayak)
Sat 28th May 2022 (9am) to Sun 29th May 2022 (4pm)
Lower Snowy River
Barry Way - No Name to Pinch River Mouth (Campsite: Pinch River NPWS Campsite)
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Participant - $54.00
Safety/Supporter - Free
Trainer - Free
Open: Wed 13th Apr 2022 (10.03pm)
Close: Fri 27th May 2022 (10.02pm)
Maximum 30 people
Scouts NSW, State Adventurous Activities Team
Brief Summary:
Workshop 03 – Venturer, Rover and Leader Canoe and Kayak Flatwater, Moving Water and Whitewater Paddling Workshops. This workshop will be a skills refresher for those already qualified, will prepare participants for paddling in moving and white-water and will present participants with knowledge, skill and ability development opportunity for use as evidence for accomplishment of qualification and/or OAS stage progressions.
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Additional Information

Aim: This series of paddling workshops are aimed at providing Venturers, Rovers and Leaders with opportunity:

  • To develop personal flat, moving and whitewater paddling and paddle activity supervision skills, knowledge, and abilities/experience (Kayak and Canoe) in flat, moving and whitewater.
  • To accumulate logged performance evidence to contribute towards currency or qualification in Scout and/or VET Flat, Moving and Whitewater paddling Units of Competency (Safe Participant, Trained Participant, Assistant Guide and Guide).

Scheduling: This workshop is one of a series of workshops aimed at dveloping whitewater knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 April 2022 – Flat-water canoe and kayak paddle and rescue skills (Queanbeyan River) – Cost $44.00 per participant
  • Prelim to Whitewater Workshops: Thursday 05 May 2022 – MS Teams Virtual Information Session – Free participation
  • Saturday 07 & Sunday 08 May 2022 – Introduction to canoe and kayak moving-water & white-water skills – (Childowla - Murrumbidgee River). Camping at Nanangroe Capsite on the Murrumbidgee River – Cost $52.00 per participant
  • Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 May 2022 – Whitewater Skills Development – Canoe and Kayak (Lower Snowy River – No Name to Pinch River Mouth) – Camping at Pinch River Camp Site in Kosciuszko National Park - Cost $54.00 per participant. 

Kayak and canoe participation. Kayak and canoe skills development will be separated during the workshops, so participants will need to select either Kayak or Canoe. 

Activity Pre-requisites. There will be no prior experience required for those who attend all of the workshops. If individuals seek to participate in the Whitewater workshops, without participation in the flat-water workshop, they will need to have completed a recent Guide run paddle and rescue skills development package or have witnessed whitewater skills/experience.

Equipment. Participants will be required to bring a canoe/kayak, paddle, PFD, whistle, wetsuit (or dry suit), water shoes, Cag / rain coat, barrels/floatation, white-water helmet, etc, unless otherwise arranged with the workshop coordinator prior to a workshop (There will be scope for a small number of participants to borrow from a limited pool of paddle equipment, barrels/flotation, paddles, kayaks and canoes. Canoes and kayaks intended to be used will need to be a suitable modern plastic hull design (It would be useful if boat type and make could be confirmed as part of registration). 

Catering. All workshops will be self-catered by participants. Particiopants should bring lunch, snacks and water to each workshop for consumption during allocated breaks (There is unlikely to be scope to buy takeway food during breaks, as lunch breaks will occur on the water where there are no shops).

Accommodation. Overnight camping in a NPWS campsite. Camping at Pinch River Camp Site in Kosciuszko National Park. Particiapnts can camp on the Friday night if desired.

Transport. Own means or car-pooling as arranged with participants from similar areas.

Workshop Locations. All activity workshop locations will be confirmed in the week leading up to each workshop, based on the water conditions and levels. Where water conditions and levels are not appropriate for the safe conduct of a workshop, every effort will be made to find an alternative location for the workshop.

Qualification Acquisition. The workshops will present opportunities for development and demonstrate evidence required for Scout and/or SAIT VET qualifications. All participants seeking qualifications should register with the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT) and complete the Adventurous Activities On-Demand Scout Central e-Learning units relevant to the level of qualification they hold or seek (Core, Common Core and Canoeing/Kayaking). Workbooks are asked to be made available on request to participants for preparation of knowledge evidence for Scout and/or SAIT VET qualifications. 

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