Venturer Initiative/Survival Activity

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Venturer Initiative/Survival Activity
Fri 29th Jul 2022 (7.30pm) to Sun 31st Jul 2022 (4pm)
Greater Western Sydney Area
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Venturer - $25.00
Leader, Rover, Helper - Free
Open: Tue 14th Jun 2022 (12pm)
Close: Fri 15th Jul 2022 (4pm)
Maximum 25 people
Brief Summary:
This activity has been built on the Venturer Initiative Course, which has been part of the Venturer pathway for several years. It can be used as part of a Special Interest Area with the New Youth program.
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Event Documents

  Download OAS Pioneering Skills

Selected elements will be attempted during the event

  Download OAS Survival Skills

Selected elements will be attempted during the event

Additional Information

This activity is provided to assist Venturers in completing of their Special Interest Area requirement for leadership and provide for the practical use of there leadership skills over two days of Initiative style activities covering elements of the Outdoor Adventure Skills. The OAS activities is a selective elements of Pioneering Stage 4 and 5 and Survial Stage 4 and 5. Details of these areas will be provided after application close with all partipates expected to have obtains Bushwalking Level 4 as a minimum requirement.  This event will be held within a confined part of the Greater Sydney Area - the exact location will be advised in acceptance letters. 

The following COVID and Course restrictions will apply

# Single person per tent -no sharing of tents

# Individual Cooking and meal preparation - no sharing of equipment

# Overnight camping equipment required suitable for cold weather

# At least 2 lt of water for the weekend plus one empty 600ml bottle

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GWS Region

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