Return and Earn Fundraiser for Scout Groups


This event has been cancelled by the event coordinator.

Event Details
Sun 30th Oct 2022 (11.30am to 5.30pm)
Online Event
Leaders - Free
Youth Attendees - Free
Open: Wed 5th Oct 2022 (12am)
Close: Fri 21st Oct 2022 (11.59pm)
Maximum 35 people
Brief Summary:
Return and Earn Fundraiser in Camden Attention Rovers, Venturers, Scouts and Leaders: Why not fund your next activity, buy some equipment for your unit or contribute to a Group Jamboree/Venture/Moot fund?
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In co-operation with Camden Council, Hume Region Rovers, Venturers and also Scouts in activity patrols are invited to participate in a Return and Earn group fundraiser at TASTE Camden, to be held on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

The event will be held at Camden Town Farm, Exeter. St Camden, and we will be meeting at our Scout information tent, based at the end of the grounds closest to Mitre at 11.30am and finishing there at around 5.30pm.

Wear uniform. Bring a shady hat, sunscreen, refillable drink bottle, lunch and snacks or money for food (At least $10) Wear comfortable shoes as there can be quite a bit of walking and bring lightweight gardening gloves.. Wet weather gear or jackets could be useful if the weather looks doubtful.

Participants will be provided with high visibility Scout vests, collection bags and grabbers, however if you have some long-handled grabbers, please bring them.

This activity is the third stage of the pilot conducted with Camden Council in 2018, where a concerted effort was made to separate, quantify and reduce the waste for this event.

Participants will be responsible for collecting aluminium and plastic containers suitable for Return and Earn and participating Groups will share the proceeds on a per capita/hours worked basis. Part-time helpers are also appreciated and everyone will need to log on/off at our tent when starting and finishing.

Participants will be rostered to walk around in pairs or groups or supervise a bin station for half hour periods, with suitable breaks. They will be monitored continuously, but not always in constant sight of a leader, though Rovers will be close by as well.  All participants will be interacting with the public.

TASTE Camden is a family event and families may like to stay at the event as well. See the following website on how to obtain tickets.

Note that by entering the event space you understand and give permission for Camden Council to stream, capture and/or record as well as use, reproduce and publish any photographs or other forms of media taken of yourself/your child during this event/activity.

As at the Camden Show, there is a bar at one end of the site where Scouts under 18 will not be not permitted.

Involvement in this event is extremely valuable advertising for local Scout groups and good public relations for Scouts in general. Last time our Scout participants were highly praised by Camden Council officers and by the public alike.

Leaders are encouraged to attend to help the Scouts and Venturers, and help at the Scout Information tent, which acts as our collection depot as well.

We are aiming for a team of about 30 Scouts plus leaders, so groups close enough to Camden or those prepared to travel are encouraged to join in.

Trailers and utes will likely be needed to carry bags back to a Scout Hall or straight to the recycling facility at Gregory Hills.

Please contact me by email or text for the password so I can keep track of numbers.

Joanne Tola

Region Commissioner Environment- Hume






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