Vertical Mobility Day Workshop

Event Details
Sun 7th May 2023 (8am to 4pm)
Noorumba Girl Guide Camp
Thorpe Rd Fire Trail, Woronora NSW
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activity participants - $18.50
training team/staff - Free
Open: Tue 17th Jan 2023 (10.50am)
Close: Sun 30th Apr 2023 (5pm)
Maximum 20 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
PRACTISE vertical mobility skills under supervision on rope on the rockface. It will include ascent and descent in self rescue and rope challenge manoeuvres. Pre-requisite SKILLS: MINIMUM Vertical Stage 4, or Safe Participant. This means the participants are competent abseilers.
Additional Information

The aim is to master ascent and descent on the rope incorporating prussiking, different equipment and techniques. These manoeuvres will then be used in problem solving, self-rescue, changing ropes, and crossing knots etc. Rescue hierarchy will be discussed.

Personal kits should include at a minimum: harness, helmet, gloves, whistle, descender, at least three carabiners, and prussik loops (two short and one long). Kits can be hired for an additional fee if required. See attached documents for details.

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Event Documents

  Download Vertical Mobility Workshop Participant Information Summary

one page summary of information regarding time, and list of what to bring

  Download Open Vertical Mobility Day Workshops

Planning document for Vertical Mobility Workshops

  Download Vertical Mobility Workshops Activity Specific Risk Assessment and Management

summary document of key activity factors and agreed management

  Download Noorumba Girl Guide Camp Site Specific Risk Assessment and Management

site specific information regarding. Noorumba Girl Guide Camp accessed via Woronora

  Download verification checklist for Vertical Rope Mobility

verification checklist for Vertical Rope Mobility

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